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      The Prospects of Chinese Warehousing Industrial Development
      Update time:2015-03-13 Number:
      Although the warehouse industry is faced with enormous difficulties and challenges in 2012, we are full of confidence in the development in 2013. This is because, the way full of opportunities.

      1. Industrialized, informatization, urbanization, agricultural modernization, warehousing industry to provide three-dimensional service for the whole social opportunities. Actively carry out the inbound logistics, procurement, processing of raw materials, finished goods distribution, distribution business, to develop the two industry linkage. Actively participate in the city of joint distribution system construction, service for people's livelihood. Actively carry out two-way logistics activities of agricultural products. New realization of the four modernizations we need reasonable layout of logistics hub, logistics park, logistics center, distribution center, freight station, receiving station and other forms of storage facilities.

      2. District economy gradually mature, will produce the intensive effect. In 2012, the Ministry of land and resources organization of intensive land - a development zone evaluation: 341 National Development Zone covers an area of 10.4 square kilometers, the average. The industrial park investment intensity of 54070000 yuan per hectare, the output intensity is 129850000 yuan per hectare; high-tech output intensity is 266680000 yuan per hectare; special customs supervision area output is 204170000 yuan per hectare. 341 functions of the park occupies proportion is: Mining warehouse land accounted for 48.46%, residential land accounted for 13.79%, accounting for 19 of land for commercial use,. 4%, the public management of land accounted for 3.43%. This may be used to structure parameters of logistics park. We have always advocated, logistics park to engage in logistics, logistics facilities land to account for more than 50%, to have enough warehouses, freight yard, channel, storage and handling equipment. If not specified requirements, sooner or later will change the nature of land use logistics. Logistics park from the economic park form, some have become a  part of the Development Zone, it serves directly manufacture and circulation enterprises, development of joint distribution, inventory management, timely supply, processing and assembling, multimodal transport and other activities, to improve logistics efficiency, reduce the city traffic congestion, reduce carbon emissions and play more effect of.

      3. storage industry with technical support. The development of automation, mechanization, information technology provides technical support for development of warehousing industry. Some advanced logistics enterprises pay close attention to the information construction, the logistics business and information technology are well integrated together, greatly improving the speed of logistics, help enterprises to expand rapidly in a short period of time. Logistics informatization has become a magic weapon for winning them.

      Logistics information system is to supply chain extension, and integration of manufacturing and trading enterprise information system. Closed type isolated information island beggar thy neighbor, deep trenches and high ramparts type once the existence of a breakthrough. Information sharing in the supply chain business links, reduce duplication of input, repeated construction waste, realization of collaborative development.

      4.warehousing industry into the supply chain. Economic growth has slowed down, can make the material flow growth, excess capacity, port volume of storage, the high vacancy rate, the rate increases by increasing employment pressure, the degree of competition, improve service, improve, value increase, fine management machinery to replace human speed, profit rate is lower, Zhang period lengthened, the spot market saturation, investment the extended recovery period, the government tax, tax risk, increase customer more picky, capital looking for more return, part of idle assets, the risk from upstream industry transfer to the manufacturing industry, manufacturing industry is transferred to the wholesale and retail industry. The above would squeeze into the storage industry supply chain.

      5.Warehousing industry to integrate into the supply chain, must let the warehouse quickly into a logistics center, logistics center to networking. Collaboration and supply chain resources. Logistics enterprises, business enterprises, manufacturing enterprises, enterprises are partners. Development of multimodal transport, the Ministry of railway freight e-commerce platform and the railway goods using direct train dispatch and the molten iron transportation organization. To expand the depth of the core customer demand, as the upstream and downstream service. In Minsheng logistics under the time, the development of FMCG logistics, business logistics, network sale of home delivery, express delivery business. At the same time to mature business optimization, carry out the lean management and thin activities, in order to reduce the cost, improve the service ability.

      6.Unified specification of 6 comprehensive bonded zone. In 2012, 58 of the State Council, "on the guidance" to promote the scientific development of the areas under special customs supervision, to regulate 110 kinds of customs supervision area, uniform requirements for special supervision zone name the new comprehensive bonded zone. The total control, according to need to set up, appropriate control increment, integrate and optimize the storage principle. Predictably, the development of the bonded area will enter a new phase of a reasonable allocation, coordination development, focus on quality, enhance efficiency, deepen reform, strengthen supervision.
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