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      The Advice for Use and Maintenance of Pallet in Winter
      Update time:2015-03-13 Number:
      Plastic tray is made up of polypropylene (PP) or polyethylene (HDPE) as raw material, after injection molding production of plastic products, most customers buy plastic tray for indoor use, including warehouse turnover, warehousing and so on, all the year round temperature is in 0  or more commonly, but some customers, especially the customer in the north, in winter when using the plastic pallet, may face is used in low temperature environment, this not only requires the customer to choose appropriate materials (plastic pallet material ability at low temperature) of plastic tray, and the correct operating plastic tray, can ensure that plastic pallet can use for a long time.

      For cannot avoid to use plastic tray in low temperature environment of the customer, including some tray is used in cold storage, please be sure to select the high density polyethylene (HDPE) as the material of the plastic tray, because low temperature resistance of polyethylene polypropylene, usually around 40  below zero.
      Three Suggestions for Use and Maintenance of  Plastic Pallet  in winter:

      A. it is forbidden to plastic pallet is exposed to outdoor weathering, as far as possible let plastic pallet used in indoor.
      B. Plastic pallet in winter  toughness decrease compare with in summer, easy to brittle, need to be gently when operation, it is forbidden to throw throw at random.
      C. it is strictly prohibited to will fall from a height, strictly prohibited to throw the goods from a high place.

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