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      How to Choose the Electric Mobile Shelf
      Update time:2015-03-14 Number:
      General Electric mobile shelves are weight-shelf. Its purchase basic precautions is the following: 
      1 shelf load-bearing capacity. 
      2 is the operation of electric mobile shelves are convenient, and whether they have the safety devices following: 
        1) take control of the device to select the key device uses industrial grade products abroad and in accordance with the ambient temperature, humidity, and protection requirements, software design fully consider the operability of the system, increasing the capacity of the system is compatible with, and provide the best possible many software and hardware interlock protection measures and detailed alarm information. 
        2) system with multi-point "emergency stop" device. 
        3) system with overvoltage, overcurrent various protective measures, overheat, overload, overtime, etc. 
        4) The system has a protective measure, two shelves in each horizontal and vertical are equipped with infrared photoelectric protection during shelf running, if the object intrusion, the system will stop and sound and light alarm. 
        5) system with FOPS, during system operation if the object barrier between the two shelves, the system will automatically stop, and provides audible and visual alarm function.
      3 is a surface treatment shelves how well the process how. 
      4 shelves Dimensions 
      5 shelves of material selection. 
      6 electric mobile shelves operating environment temperature is appropriate.
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