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      Do we need to build automated warehouse?
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      The need to build automated three-dimensional database analysis: 
      Analysis 1. actual business needs. Consider supporting automated and manual operations to be analyzed in the next three to five years warehouse throughput, storage capacity, orders and categories of goods. 
      2 technical assessment to confirm whether there are requirements for automation. According to the Treasury throughput and storage needs, you can determine whether the degree of automation and automation to achieve. 
         The level of warehouse operations can be divided into four grades: 
      Primary: simple manual operations - such as pallet stacking shelves and other goods. 
      Two: machine-assisted operation - With lifts, conveyors and other mechanical goods and transport goods. 
      Three: Simple automated operations - in the whole tray out of the warehouse, the use of automated cranes and simple delivery system. 
      Advanced: complex automated operations - including auxiliary lights picking system, sophisticated delivery systems, high-speed sorting systems. 
      When the order warehouse processing more than 500 per hour, automated job is on the agenda. 
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