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      Techniques of Pharmacy Shelves Display
      Update time:2015-03-14 Number:
      Pharmacy shelves display techniques: Pharmacies in various cities and towns now have an increasing trend, to get their own pharmacy purpose to achieve high profitability in many pharmacies competition, then they would highlight the characteristics of its own pharmacy, Tianjin Fox teach a prominent feature of your own coup - the pharmacy shelves stocked out features. How to put out the drugstore shelf features? 
         Introduces you to the pharmacy shelves placed to reflect the following principles: 
      One, to follow the principles of convenience, it is now accelerating pace of life, the concept of time has also been enhanced, so should speed the purchase of drugs on the most obvious place to facilitate customers to buy, and buy drugs to put both quiet and well-lit place for customers to slowly pick. 
      Second, to follow the principle of striking, particularly commonly used drugs to put customers see at a glance the location, another big drug, medium and small categories to assign clear and reasonable. 
      Third, we should follow the principles of clean and beautiful, clean and beautiful people look drugstore shelves give people a fresh feeling. 
      Fourth, we must follow the principle of association, the same class of drugs associated or placed on the same or a nearby drugstore shelves. 
      Fifth, we should follow the principle of flexibility shelf layout. Regardless of the vertical interludes, slash interludes, radiant, comfortable sluggish style or indirectly methods such as layout, the content should change your mind for the business and retain a certain flexibility so that demand adjustment method with shelves arrangements. Spacing between the shelves should ensure passenger hysteresis. Ordinary say the main channel should more than 1.64 meters, the second channel is also not less than 1.22 m. We need to follow these principles put different pharmacy shelves in pharmacies, such as the tip of the island combination drugstore shelves, back hole in the island pharmacy shelves, back net single pharmacy shelves. Luxurious showcase medicine, etc., to meet different drug display needs. So as to reflect the characteristics of their own pharmacies, in order to attract customers and increase revenue. So Fox reminds you to superior product quality, stylish, durable, beautiful appearance drugstore shelves for products purchased
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