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      Plastic Tray Overview
      Update time:2015-03-14 Number:

           Plastic pallets are using PE PP and other thermoplastics, plus some additives to improve performance, processed by injection molding, blow molding and other processes.
           With production conditions, storage conditions, process control, quality management requirements continue to increase, due to the wooden pallets on the health status and regulate the production can not overcome the limitations of the plastic tray began to appear, and soon occupy a place. Has been widely used in machinery, electronics, food, medicine, clothing and other industries. Compared with wooden pallets, plastic pallets overall good, clean and hygienic, easy to wash disinfection, with light in use, no Sting, acid, mildew and other characteristics, its life is wooden pallets 5-7 times. In addition, plastic pallets meet environmental requirements, waste disk material can be recycled. While the relatively high price of plastic pallets, but the use of costing less than wood pallets.
      Plastic tray production process
          Low-pressure high-density polyethylene (hdpe) high pressure injection molding. Injection machine screw or plunger so that the melt barrel by injection machine nozzle, mold casting system, shaped cavity injection molding and curing. Injection pallet production process and process: injection molding production process to install the following: a, mold b, injection c, packing d, cooling e, mold f, remove the product and some products are injection molded tray or hair bubble technology made.
      Advantages of plastic pallets
      1, four can be inserted, easy to operate;
      2, both for stacking in the warehouse each other, but also suitable for use on all types of shelves;
      3, suitable for all kinds of trucks, set to facilitate installation of the material, units of transport;
      4, easy forklifts, hydraulic pallet trucks and other handling tools work;
      5, with non-slip rubber, ensure that the material in the handling and transportation process will not fall;
      6, long life, and then to follow the bad;
      7, plastic tray use safety, health, pest control moth, no repair.
      8, light weight and strong - with PP or HDPE as raw material, add coloring agents and anti-aging agent, using the injection molding process molding.
      10. Physical properties - has excellent mechanical properties and weather resistance and chemical resistance, washing, sterilization easy, no mildew.
      11. Economy - good quality and dimensional stability, long life, without repair.
      12. Security - no nails, no thorns, it will not damage the goods and operating personnel, space transfer security, can not afford to spark friction, suitable for flammable materials transportation
      13. save a lot of resources - all with high-quality plastic as raw material for the country to save a lot of timber resources.
      14. slip - Products bearing surface plus a rubber mat, do not worry about sliding cargo.
      15. MAX-- sided tray carrying capacity: dynamic load 1.5T, static load 4.0-6.0T, shelves carrying 1.0T; Single tray: dynamic load 1.2T, static load 3.0-4.0T, shelves carrying 0.8-1.0T .
      Contrast feature uses two kinds of pallets
      First, durability
      Plastic tray: long life, 5-8 years, acid and alkali shock
      Wooden pallets: half to one year, after absorbing moisture easily erosion since the major
      Second, the reliability
      Plastic tray: easy to handle and operate, light and sturdy, non-slip loss without maintenance
      Wooden pallets: self-important, increased logistics costs, nails and burr leakage security risk
      Third, the special nature
      Plastic tray: drill with special industry such as food, medicine and the appearance of colors, custom logo
      Wooden pallets: limited range, the appearance of a single
      Fourth, environmental protection
      Plastic tray: Shun bad scrapped after re-recycling, reducing waste disposal costs
      Wooden pallets: Disposable, can not be recycled, increasing loss of trees
      Fifth, global trends
      Plastic tray: Many international countries enact new standards require the use of plastic pallets
      Wooden pallets: exports go through fumigation, more complicated
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