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    1. About Us
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               025- 81031232
      Office Add:No.66 Shuntai Street Jiangning District of Nanjing City
      Factory Add:Tangshan Industrial Park Jiangning District of Nanjing City

      About us
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      Nanjing Su Zheng-Technology Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005, is engaged in a variety of shelves, the logistics system planning, design, manufacture, installation, one of professional manufacturers, with strong technical force, the integration of production equipment, the installation of a mature team and perfect after-sales service system.

         The company is located in Jiangning District Development Zone, covers an area of about 70 acres, with all kinds of logistics warehousing products and metal products of various types of production equipment, from the cold coil of the slitting, General Section Rolling Mill, a dedicated high-precision shelf mill, CNC punching machine to mold development, gold plate, welding, electrostatic powder spray, such as the automatic production lines, to form a complete set of production systems. Companies to run in strict accordance with industry norms, constantly absorbing domestic and foreign advanced technology, logistics systems, combined with the actual situation of domestic enterprises, and constantly develop new products, timely logistics solutions in accordance with the characteristics of all walks of life, in the mechanical theory and Steel Technology, based on the degree of customer all kinds of logistics equipment are custom-made program of choice. So far, the company has been successful in many enterprises for the provision of services at home and abroad and was very well received.
          With the continuous development and innovation of the company for all kinds of customers with convenient, fast, integrated, purchasing and procurement outsourcing services to customers purchasing the supernumerary staff. To our unique and innovative services to domestic and foreign enterprises for procurement personnel to help those who favor the best. "Innovation Zhiyuan, integrity-based" is the base of the company's businesses, the expansion of space and cost savings is the goal, choose us, warehousing logistics to worry about in an orderly manner!

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