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    1. Service Promise
      Contact Us

               025- 81031232
      Office Add:No.66 Shuntai Street Jiangning District of Nanjing City
      Factory Add:Tangshan Industrial Park Jiangning District of Nanjing City

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      A. Rules and Regulations for Product Quality Guarantee 
      1. All products conform to the national standards and industrial standards; and ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System and ISO 14001:2004 Environment Management System are fully implemented to ensure product quality and guarantee the products manufactured pass rate of 99%. And we implement the quality guarantee to ensure customers to use products safely, and also strive to reach user’s satisfaction of 100%.
      2. Warranty Quality Period of Product delivered: 2-5 years. A callback shall be held once a year (at regular intervals), on-call and lifelong maintenance. During this period, we are responsible for maintenance and bear cost caused by users’ non-human factors, such as product materials, design, manufacture, machining, installation, etc.

      B. Rules and Regulations for Product Service
      1. Product Warranty:  High-class “three Guarantees” of after-sale service provided
       (1) Response time of maintenance or replacement for disabled cargos or components: 1 hour; Deadline of maintenance or replacement for disabled goods or components: be on site in 2 days (at home) or 10 days (at abroad).
       (2) We provide free-charge service in warranty period, for abnormal abrasion of accessories, finished product quality not being conform of requirements of production process, accessories and wearing parts damaged or disabled caused by natural reasons; and we shall change the parts mentioned above.
       (3) Some latest technical information and data shall be provided for contract goods and maintenance.
      2. Warranty Quality Period of Product delivered: 2-5 years, a callback shall be held once a year (at regular intervals), on-call and lifelong maintenance. During this period, we are responsible for maintenance and bear cost caused by non users’ human factors, such as product materials, design, manufacture, machining, installation, etc.
      3. Accessories Supply: we shall keep to supplying accessories of sold products for 10 years and represent transportation. And all accessories have the same guarantee with the primary product (special parts excepted).
      4. There are 30-50 persons in the After-sale Service Department, which is with a number of technical personnel.
      5. Working Procedure for Maintenance:
        (1) Visit customers and knew products using information.
        (2) Collect customers’ feedback information and accept complaints.
      (3) Collect customers’ complaints and suggestion and respond as quick as possible, analysis reasons on site and fill in the record sheet of engineering quality problems.
      (4) Record types, positions and causes of problems and specify solutions.
      (5) Offer solutions after finding out reasons and decide consultation with the Designing Department if necessary.
        (6) For simple problems, such as paint repairing, repair it directly.
      (7) For complex problems, detailed maintenance plan shall be set out and preparatory works are arranged by the After-sale Service Department.
      (8) The maintenance plan drawings shall be offered by the Design Centre, materials needed are provided by the Purchasing Department, producing and processing shall be operated by the Production Department, and all materials and processing parts required for maintenance shall be inspected by the Quality Supervision Department.
      (9) The project leader shall arrange workers for maintenance service after materials being on site.
      (10) The project director of the Engineering Department shall lead workers for maintenance and control the repairing quality according to the maintenance plan.
      (11) After maintenance, hand over them to customer for check and acceptance and sign on the acceptance certificate. And the certificate shall be received by the Plan Restructuring Department and then return to the After-sale Service Department for archive.
       6. Service Measures for Installation and Debugging:
      (1) Personnel Selection
        The diathesis and technical level of installation personnel are important factors in determining the engineering quality and cannot be ignored. The installation personnel of company, who are a strong team with high technical level and operating skill, have been trained in series actual engineering and accumulate rich construction experiences. And the most excellent personnel are selected and the most advanced process equipments are equipped for construction.
      (2) Training before entering the construction site: 
        --The importance of the project is expounded by some leader for installation personnel knowing enough.
        --The relevant standard specifications and safety criteria shall be explained by technical personnel.
      (3) The comprehensive and whole process management shall be implemented for effective and dynamic on-site construction activities. The construction schedule should be reasonable to ensure that each process be in order and high quality products be achieved.
      (4) A summarizing work meeting should be held once a day by the project manager, which includes:
         --Summary for implementation of construction plan and schedule;
           --Summary for implementation of safety, quality and technical standards;
           --Daily work arrangement.
         (5) Protective measures for products on site
       Materials stored temporarily on construction site should conform of the rules for storage and maintenance.
        (6) Regular meetings should be held for ensuring engineering progress and quality. And the attending persons are invited sincerely for project coordination and communication, who are Party A representative, supervision party representative, our company on-site director, shift leader for installation, etc. Then meeting summaries are back to the company for overall arrangements.
      7. The company provides customers 24-hour after-sale service calls.
       Service Calls: +86)025-57928961, 13814003400 , 4001182922

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