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               025- 81031232
      Office Add:No.66 Shuntai Street Jiangning District of Nanjing City
      Factory Add:Tangshan Industrial Park Jiangning District of Nanjing City

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      Caron Flow Rack
      Main Features:
      High-density storage and high utilization rate of warehouse.
      High work efficiency, way reduce latency time of operation.
      Flexible operation way. Storage and pickup methods of cargo can be FIFO (first in first out) or FILO (first in last out).
      High safety factor, reduce crash between cargo and forklift and improve safe productivity.
      Relatively low requirements for illumination. Compared to racks of other types, radio shuttle racking enjoys much less investment. For operation principle of radio shuttle racking, storage: conduct forklift to place goods on the front end of track of racking, make wireless remote operation of WAP-1 pallet runner, making it bear pallet cargo and run in the guide rail. Pickup: use WAP-1 pallet runner to move pallet in the deep part of racking to the front of racking, and then adopt forklift to make pickup of cargo. WAP-1 pallet runner: place pallet runners in different laneways by using forklift, one WAP-1 pallet runner can be used in many laneways. The number of WAP-1 pallet runners can be determined by many integrated factors, such as depth of laneway, quantity of cargo, batch of delivery, frequency of delivery, etc. The solution for the warehouse is made up of the racking with a certain number of pallet runners and pallets, namely the system of pallet, transportation and storage, with space utilization reaching over 80%.
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