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    1. Product
      Contact Us

               025- 81031232
      Office Add:No.66 Shuntai Street Jiangning District of Nanjing City
      Factory Add:Tangshan Industrial Park Jiangning District of Nanjing City

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      Drawer Rack

      Product Description

      Drawer shelf by column films, layer drawer, bar, self-locking devices for storage of the composition of various molds, rows of general use, can be configured at the top level of hand chain hoist and trolley to facilitate moving the lifting mold, layer drawer can be removed from 2 / 3. Layer mainly by the drawer slide, laminates of the laminate by the steel framework and force composition. Each slide before and after the upper and lower bearings from two fixed bed can be oriented at random in rolling resistance can be easily pulled out a drawer with one hand, reduce the labor intensity. Self-locking device and spring pin from the position of the post in place to ensure that the drawer can not be fixed, and the scope of the trip does not affect the operation of the drawer.

      Main Features
      chou la type, suitable for lifting heavy objects                   
      A non-slip locking device, safe secure
      Road, rail load-bearing ultra-bearing, open and smooth            
      Ease of dismantling, transport and assembly

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