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               025- 81031232
      Office Add:No.66 Shuntai Street Jiangning District of Nanjing City
      Factory Add:Tangshan Industrial Park Jiangning District of Nanjing City

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      Deliver Rack
      Conveying equipment is suitable for conveying of goods which has flat bottom, for irregular goods, they can be placed in pallet for completion of conveying. Conveying equipment is mainly made up of roller, rack, support, outrigger, gearing and driving device, and is featured by large conveying capacity, quick operation and high efficiency, and it can realize various collinear conveying.

      Main Features:

      According to structures: straight line conveyor, cornering conveyor, lifting shifting machine, fork-type shunt conveyor, confluence conveyor, etc.
      According to materials of roller: metal roller, plastic steel roller, etc., which can be used for conveying of goods of various materials and under various environments. 
      According to materials of framework: carbon steel paint, carbon steel powder coating, stainless steel section, aluminium alloy section, etc.
      According to driving force: there is a driving force and there is no driving force.

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